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Welcome to 193 Little Adventures Club, where we join Hana and Diego on their journey around the world. Each month, open your inbox to find a PDF pack crammed with exciting activities, information, recipes and more all focused on the country of the month.

Accompanied by stunning photographs, hand-drawn illustrations and well-researched and thought-out information. You and your family will be whisked away on an adventure without even having to pack a suitcase.

You'll learn about the new country, its languages, animals, food, culture, festivals, traditions, what makes the place unique and so much more! All from the comfort of your living room.

193 Little Adventure Club is a way to introduce the world to your family in a fun and curiosity-led way. So what are you waiting for?

Let's go on an adventure!

No matter where in the world you are, because our packs are digital, they can be delivered to you. As long as you can connect to the internet, you are good to go! 

We have 193 Little Adventure Club Members from every continent except Antarctica!


And Easy To Use

In an age where there is such an addiction to the screen, we wanted to create something where kids can learn without the distractions of notifications and gamification.

Going back to child led learning and the joy of physically manipulating materials and learning from the physical world. Plus having the chance for the family to work on something together, creating stronger family bonds and more deep and meaningful connections. 

All the activities have instructions and created in a way so the child can self correct.


Don't take our word for it


A very well-thought-out unit of information that is interesting for the whole family and there is bonus material sent throughout the month that keeps our kids interested all month.

The Woerners Family


We enjoy learning together- reading together, completing quizzes and trying to recall what we have learned long after we completed the pack.



My kids are really excited to find out which country we’ll be exploring that month and the passport to keep track is so cute. The packs are well thought out and I find them easy to adapt to multiple ages.

Seeds Family


We joined the club last month and Ecuador is our first pack. I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am with it! It is absolutely fantastic! I am using it with my 7 year old son whom I homeschool as our main theme for this month. He is loving all the hands on meaningful activities and the imaginative play aspect which is so lacking from most curriculum!

Thank you so much for working so hard on this incredible product!
I can’t wait to see where we go next month!!!

Thank you again,

Erin R

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πŸ’Œ New pack delivered to your inbox
on the 1st of every month

πŸ”– Mini pack and club exclusive bonuses available immediately (in case you have a bit of a wait until the next pack is released)

🎁 Surprise bonuses linked to the current pack delivered to your inbox through-out the month


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Annual Subscription
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πŸ’Œ New pack delivered to your inbox
on the 1st of every month

  πŸ”– Mini pack and club exclusive bonuses available immediately (in case you have a bit of a wait until the next pack is released)

🎁 Surprise bonuses linked to the current pack delivered to your inbox through-out the month



What age is 193 Little Adventures Club suitable for?

The packs are designed to be used with families with kids of different ages/abilities, basically 5-9 years old. This varies from child to child of course. The idea was to have a pack where a family can study the same unit together instead of having to buy several resources. 

We always include some easy activities that younger family members can join in with too. 

And many of the activities are adjustable depending on the child's ability.

If you only have one child then just pull out the sections that suit their ability, you don't have to use everything in the pack.

My child is not a native English speaker, is this good for them?

It depend on their level, it will be too hard for an absolute beginner but we do have club members who have English as their second or third language and their parents joined so that they had something interesting to use for English study rather than boring old text books.

Which country will your send out next?

It's a surprise! No-one outside of Team 193 knows where the next trip will be to. You do get a few hints before the next pack is released but the actual destination isn't revealed until the packs have reached club members inboxes.

How much does it cost?

For club members the packs are currently US $7.50 a month or an annual subscription of US $90. You will be billed on the same day every month.
Your subscription rate will not change when we increase our prices unless you were to quit, then if you rejoin you will be charged at the new rate.

When do I get my first pack?

The digital packs are sent out via email on the first of the month JST. But we know you are excited to get started straight away, so we include a mini pack and the 193 Club exclusive bonuses so that you can make a start whilst you wait for the next pack to be released.

Are the Packs digital or printed

The packs are digital so you can print which parts of the pack are suitable for your child.
Printed packs are not a viable option at the moment with international mail being so unreliable and the costs of postage so high. We want to keep the packs afforsbale for every family and available to everyone, no matter of their location.

As long as you have a internet connection you are able to receive the packs.

The digital packs are sent out via email on the first of the month JST. 

Do I get the first pack as soon as I sign up.

No. The packs are sent out on the first of the month (Japan time).
But, you do get a bundle of bonuses to get you started with when you sign up including a mini pack, so you can get started straight away.

I bought a couple of packs from your shop, will I get the same packs if I join the club?

No, never. We set up 193 Club so that club members get the packs first, exclusively. There is nowhere outside of the club that anyone can buy the latest release.
When the following months pack is released (on the first of the month) The previous months pack goes into the shop.
The packs available as stand alone products will not be released again to club members.

Can I quit anytime?

Yes. If you decide it's not for you, no problem. Drop the team and email asking to unsubscribe. You also need to include the name and email address you signed up with so that we can find you in the system.

We are a religious family, is this suitable for us?

Assuming that you believe in tolerance and understanding of other cultures, religions and traditions and that loving ones neighbour, no matter of their preferences. Then yes, this is for you.

Here at 193 we believe that with love and and understanding of other peoples cultures and differences and teaching our children to do the same we can live in a kinder, more peaceful world.

I'm confused, the packs in the shop are $15 are they different to the club packs?