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Each month receive a 193 Little Adventures Club Pack directly in your inbox. From there you will be taken on an adventure to a new country. The Montessori-inspired pack of printables will help you to teach your child about the world in a fun, yet educational way.

Here at 193 Little Adventures, we believe that teaching children about the world, different cultures, religions, food and traditions will help them to be more curious and more accepting of people that are different to themselves. 

What Do 193 Little Adventure Club
Members Get?

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Having a pack delivered to your inbox every month will save you an incredible amount of time. No more scouring Pinterest looking for the perfect activity or getting envious when you see the Insta Mommas with their picture- perfect activities set up because you will have everything ready to print and go!

And with all that time you save, you can be creating real memories with your kids.


It is easy to be defensive or scared of things we don't understand which is why teaching your kids about different kinds of people, from all four corners of the world will help your kids grow to be kind and understanding adults.

Learning about culture, festivals, religions, cuisine, history and geography creates accepting and compassionate minds. 

Accepting that we are all moulded differently depending on our background and caring about other people no matter their colour, creed, religious beliefs or culture.


The world is a big place and we know so little. The more we expose our kids to what is out there, the more curious and inquisitive they become. 

Using high-quality photographs so that the child can see the world as it really is.

Creating lifelong learners, explorers, problem solvers and peacekeepers. 

When learning is fun it becomes easy. Kids are natural learners so having fun, and interest piquing ideas will lead them naturally to be more curious about the world around them.


For the first pack we received, my son was so excited to plan a trip, he took charge of the map and found the routes and costs for it. He learnt a lot not only about Japan but practiced his math skills and using airline websites - all great life skills! He said: " I can't wait to see where we are going in next month's pack!"

Jayne and Hugo (8)



I signed up because I loved the idea of studying set up for one country a month for my children. They have loved it and I am not at all disappointed. We follow a loose Montessori-style curriculum for our homeschool and this fits in so perfectly!

We can't wait to get our new country next month.

Cathy and S (15) E (13) T & M (12) P (10) B (9) R (7) Su (5)

United States

On the first of the month, a brand new EXCLUSIVE 193 Little Adventures PDF Pack will land in your email inbox.
Each pack focuses on ONE country and includes:

Information pages about the country.
Maps and flag activities.
A beautiful set of 3 part cards.
Significant dates and festivals.
A section on culture with suitable activities.
Plus other country-specific ideas, activities and fun things to try!
Surprise bonuses are delivered throughout the month, to your inbox.
Activities are Montessori-inspired and include math, language, practical life and sensory activities based on the theme of the country you are visiting.

Each month you will take a journey with Hana and Diego. You'll make 4 stops along the way (which conveniently gives you a new topic for each week of the month).
 Every pack is designed to encourage children to learn more about the country, using fun activities based around festivals, animals, food, history, culture and more.

193 Team Members Hana and Diego will share their adventures and experiences with you as you travel around your latest destination.

193 Little Adventure Packs are Montessori Inspired Activities so that you can still "follow the child" but also introduce new ideas, and concepts as they grow and learn.


This is a very well-thought-out unit of information that is interesting for the whole family. On top of the country unit, which is packed full of beautiful pages of information about the country as well as activities related to the country, there is bonus material sent throughout the month that keeps our kids interested all month. As a family who desires to know and love all the people of the world, I can't think of a better club to be a part of.

The Woerners Family


We have been club members for a few months and even though we take our time to complete a country pack, we enjoy learning together- reading together, completing quizzes and trying to recall what we have learned long after we completed the pack. It has helped with our family bonding. I am interested in the topics covered and my kids can see me learning new things, not knowing and just getting curious together feels good.

Nina K

Exclusive Access

Club members get the 193 Little Adventures Pack before they are released to the general public. 

Club members receive the pack and special bonuses (only available to club members) at a VIP rate of US$7.50.

When the packs go on sale as stand-alone products they are US$15.

Family Friendly

Do you have kids of mixed ages and abilities but you want to do unit-style learning? 

These packs are created with that in mind. 

The activities are aimed at kids aged 3-9 years old and are created so that different abilities can learn together or side by side.


Creating quality teaching resources takes hours of work. Hours of searching the internet, looking for the perfect photos that are legal to use, and coming up with fun and engaging ideas and activities. Then making them into printables.

Hours that you don't need to put in because we did the hard work for you!


book cover for flags of the world

Each month in the back of your Pack you will find a page with flags to cut out and stick into your sticker book. Can you collect them all?

Value US$9.99

book cover for play passport

Print out your passport and add the pages all ready for your first trip. I wonder where you will go? You'll find a passport stamp in every pack.

Value US$4.99

book cover for habitat playscapes

In each pack you will come across a variety of animals. What kind of environment do they live in? Use the playscapes to talk about different habitats.

Value US$4.99


As we live in Japan and my children have always been educated in Japanese, their English is not at the level I would like it to be. However, it has been a real struggle to get them interested in English, and because our family language is Japanese and we've been unable to travel back to the UK for 5 years, they have little motivation.
My daughter, 10, loved watching the Tokyo Olympics last year, and became interested in different countries, national flags, languages, and more. And she loves hearing about life in the Philippines from her school's assistant language teacher. So, when I saw information about 193 Little Adventures Club, I thought it would be perfect for her - something we can do together, in English, that is on a topic that interests her.

The pack contains so much for all ages - it's even fun for me!

Claire and A (10)


"I don’t have to time or talent to make myself"

I think all of the material is excellent. I’m sure when my kids get into elementary school age they’ll love it all even more. Since they’ll be going to a Japanese elementary school I’ll be using these for their English learning at home outside of their normal schooling.



How much does 193 Little Adventures Club cost?

It's a subscription of US $7.50 a month, and you will get billed on the same day each month. 

Or join the annual plan of US $90 a year, you will get billed on the same day each year.

Regular 193 Little Adventure Stand Alone Packs cost US $15 and don't include the added bonuses.

What age is 193 Little Adventures Club good for?

The activities are suitable for children aged 3-9 years old. After talking to many families we found that they wanted unit studies that covered an age range so that all family members can be included. We try to create activities that can be fun across age ranges, younger children might need more help or you might decide to work as a team.

We do also have members who signed up with older children whose English level is below grade level (English is their second language for example). They are enjoying the packs too!

Do I get anything physically delivered through the mail?

No, this is a DIGITAL subscription that will be delivered to your email inbox using the email address that you register with. That said, there may be some cheeky little surprise bonuses sent out to Club members so do make sure your physical address is correct too.

What is included?

On the 1st of the month, you will get a new country pack to explore, this is delivered to your email inbox. This will be a pack that has not been released anywhere before. Club members get exclusive access to the packs first. 

Each pack is around 70 pages long. That includes instructions for use, activity pages, and the bonus page for your Flags Sticker Book, Play Scapes and Passport.

During the month you can also expect other little surprises to arrive in your inbox, they might be quizzes, puzzles, activities, or recipes... all related t the country of the month.

How do I know which country will be released next?

You won't! The next pack details are kept top secret and only the design team and testers know where you will be headed next!

Any packs that are for sale in the shop and/or have been included in Bundle sales will NOT be released as a new club member pack.

Club members get brand-exclusive new packs that have never been released before.

We are not a Montessori family, will we be able to use the packs?

ABSOLUTELY! The packs are designed so that you can use them alongside Montessori equipment, if you have it but we understand that a lot of homeschoolers and families that are learning for fun don't have all the expensive equipment.

This is why we use the term Montessori inspired, but you don't need to use Montessori to be able to use the packs. There are explanations on how to use everything. The packs are created with kids in mind so that they can do the activities with little adult guidance (depending on their age and ability of course!)

Most activities have a Control Of Error built in - so that the kids can check their own work.

Are the packs an online product?

No. These are PRINTABLE packs for you to print at home with activities for you to make and do together. You will need Internet access to download and print the file but you don't need the internet to complete the activities. Of course, you may want to do some research together or look up various places that are mentioned in the packs but the packs are standalone products and do not need screen time to help your kids learn.

Can I cancel anytime?

Sure! You just need to send an email to the support team at least 48 hours before your subscription is about to renew so that we can cancel it without any hiccups. Read more about it in the Terms and Conditions here.

Please note that we need the email address you originally signed up with, the name of the person who signed up and the PayPal name/email so that we can find your records efficiently.

I'm a teacher / school owner / in a homeschool co-op can I share the packs with my students/other co-op families?

If you are using just one or two pages with your class/students/co-op that is fine BUT if you want to study the whole pack and share the bonuses and they need their own copy too then you need a School Licence option. Please contact us for details.

children working on cultural activities


Being a member of 193 Little Adventures is special because it’s not just for kids — the whole family can have fun while learning! It is a fun and engaging way to learn about different countries and cultures.



We love the 193 Club, my kids are really excited to find out which country we’ll be exploring that month and the passport to keep track is so cute. The packs are well thought out and I find them easy to adapt to multiple ages. Thanks so much!

Seeds Family


I love Hannah and Diego sharing their adventures with my kids. My kids love learning about the world. 193 Little Adventures Club provides fun and engaging activities that my kids look forward to doing.


Hi, I'm Jo Ebisujima, a best-selling Montessori author and multi-passionate entrepreneur.

I'm a Brit but have lived abroad for almost all my adult life, raising a bilingual son, the Montessori way, whilst living with my husband in the countryside in Japan. We used “Follow The Child” in every aspect of our parenting journey.

As a child, I had two lofty ambitions, the first to read every book in the world and the second to visit every country. The book goal is posing to be a bit of a problem (child self didn't think this one through) but I am making a dent in the world travel!

I created 193 Little Adventure Packs because I truly believe that if children learn about different cultures and ways of living from an early age, there would be less hatred and more compassion and understanding in the world.


We know that giving digital gifts can be a bit, well, unexciting when it comes to gift opening time. That's why if you join as an annual member before the 25th, you will get a certificate that you can print and add your child's name and picture to.

Bundle it with the rest of the introduction bonuses and your kids won't even realize that their year of adventures are digital!

193 Little Adventures Club is open for registration 
All this for just US $7.50 a month or $90 for the year

You are in control of your subscription. 
You can cancel at any time.

©Jo Ebisujima

©193 Little Adventures 2022. 

All Rights Reserved.

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