giraffe walking through the savannah in Botswana at sunset


193 LITTLE ADVENTURES Botswana: Discover beautiful Botswana. Learn about the diamond trade then head to the amazing Chobe National Park. Discover the ancient wall paintings of Tsodilo Hills and learn about the local tribes

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Costa Rica

193 LITTLE ADVENTURES Costa Rica: From the beautiful oxcarts of Sarchi to the stunning cloud forests and animals of Monteverde. Then adventure onto the fruit festival and visit the Boruca Tribe, wrap up

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193 LITTLE ADVENTURES Oman: From the ancient city of Muscat to the booby traps of Nizwa fort and the incredible frankincense harvests and wadi's. Oman might be a small country but it is filled

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view of the coast of Nauru


193 LITTLE ADVENTURES Nauru: From the phosphate mines that ruined the country to the deep sea wildlife that surrounds the island, Nauru is the worlds smallest island nation, and there is still

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193 LITTLE ADVENTURES FRANCE: From the vibrant city of Paris to the ancient fortified city of Carcassonne and the prehistoric caves of the Vézère valley there is something for everyone in the 193 Little

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An image of the Taj Mahal on a sunny day with the reflection in the blue water at the front


193 LITTLE ADVENTURES INDIA: From the ancient city of Agra to the mangroves forests where the majestic Bengal tigers can be found, India is a fascinating country full of stunning buildings, mouth

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two ethiopian women holding babies on their backs looking at the landscape


193 LITTLE ADVENTURES Ethiopia: From the bustling city of Addis Ababa to the Bale National Park, home of the Black Lions. Hana and Diego will take you to discover the ancient Timkat festival, find

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