3 beautiful golden arched doors in rich yellows and greens and a woman dressed all in blue walking in front


From the desert to the Mediterranean sea. Morocco is rich in history and a melting pot of culture. Discover the cute Fennec Fox and join the date (fruit) festival before learning about Zellige tiles.

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ice on the sea as the sun sets


From the adorable pufflings to the mysterious hidden folk, glaciers, northern lights and thermal hot springs. Iceland is a stunning place to visit. Don't miss the cheeky Yule lads on your trip too!

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a japanese castle in the spring with cherry blossoms


From ancient to modern traditions, ninja training, cherry blossom picnics, robots, temples, kokeshi dolls and so much more. Take a trip to this amazing country. Japan has something for everyone.

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a mongolian eagle hunter and his eagle


Take a journey across the Steppe, and learn about Genghis Khan and the sturdy Mongolian Takhi horses. Find out what it takes to be an eagle hunter and how to live like a nomad. There is more to Mongolia than you could imagine.

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A happy looking black woman wearing a traditional Cuban dress, surrounded by fruits and vegetables


 Cuba: Cuba has a rich history and culture. learn about Son Cubano, adorable hummingbirds, how to make a delicious local dish and more!Here are a few books that we recommend for

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a cityscape view of toronoto skyline


From the modern day city of Toronto to the Inuit lands of Iqaluit, we cover a lot of land and learn about beavers, maple syrup, the worlds biggest tulip festival and how to make delicious beaver tails!

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