From the vibrant city of Paris to the ancient fortified city of Carcassonne and the prehistoric caves of the Vézère valley there is something for everyone in the 193 Little Adventures Pack to France.

Here are a few books that we recommend for France that would work well with the 193 Little Adventures FRANCE pack.

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Am I small?
Je suis petite, moi?

This book is available in 200 languages! It's the story of a small girls trying to understand how she fits in the world

The happy Lion

A classic story set in a zoo in France. Every day people drop by the small zoo and say "Bonjour" to the lion and leave him delicious things to eat. One day his cage door is left open, so he decides to visit all his friends. But wait, why are they all screaming and running away...


Madeline is a 7 year-old red- head at an all girls boarding school in Paris, France. She is the smartest girl in the school but also the bravest and a bit of a trouble maker. The classic tale is beautifully illustrated. 

King Louie's Shoes

King Louie, though grand in every aspect, had one shortcoming—he stood at just five-feet-four-inches tall. To overcome this, Louie and his trusted cobbler devised a clever plan to make him appear taller by crafting high-heeled shoes. However, this ended in  a humiliating fall on the dance floor....

Stickyscapes Paris

Cute sticker book taking your to all the sights of Paris. Perfect for younger members who want to join in the France study unit.

Paris in the Spring with Picasso

Gertrude Stein’s and her friend Alice B. Toklas are preparing for a soiree with Pablo Picasso, Max Jacob, and some other friends. Max is writing a poem whilst Picasso is focused on his easel...

Anni Dreams of Biryani

This famous Czech painter presents his impressions of Paris in "This Is Paris", originally published in 1959 and updated for the 21st century. The book showcases Paris' famous buildings, beautiful gardens, museums, sidewalk cafes and the inhabitants that live there.

The Classic Jules Verne Collection

It is impossible to pick just one favourite Jules Verne book, so why not get 5?
The set includes:

• Around the World in Eighty Day
• Journey to the Centre of the Earth
• Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
• From the Earth to the Moon
• Around the Moon

The Met Claude Monet

Discover the life of Claude Monet, the renowned French painter who spearheaded the Impressionist movement, in "What the Artist Saw: Claude Monet". Explore his passion for nature and how he captured the essence of light, water, and water lilies in his paintings. Get inspired by nature and create your own art.
This is one of a series of books created by the Met.


Part story book, part cook book, written by Alice Waters about her daughter Fanny and their journey to France to learn about food! From making cheese in the Pyrenees mountains to catching oysters in Bordeaux! Learn how to make some delicious simple French inspired recipes as you learn about their origins.

Strong As Fire, Fierce As Flame

During the Hundred Years' War, Joan of Arc was born in a little French village where the country was besieged by the British. She received religious visions at the age of 11, urging her to join forces with the King of France. As a teen, she led troops into battle, fighting for her country until she was captured and executed. 

Death and Croissants

For the adults!

Light-hearted murder mystery set in the Follet Valley where Englishman Richard has a quiet life running a B&B. That is until a guest goes missing, a bloody handprint is discovered and the mysterious Valérie storms into his life.

In the 193 Little Adventures France Pack we visit the Machines of Ile de Nantes. 

Home to many magnificent mechanical beasts including The Grand Éléphant seen below....

In the 193 Little Adventures France Pack we also learn about the Dordogne's Vézère valley caves. Here is short video showing how one of those caves was discovered by school boys.

Bookshelf Must-Haves

These are great addition to the bookshelf
no matter where in the world you are currently studying

This photographer and writer team travel the world meeting kids and learning about their festivals and celebrations. 

Meet children from all over the world, learn about their everyday lives from rural farms to inner cities. 

A fun world atlas with lots of illustrations and snippets of information that kids just have to keep dipping into.

A beautifully illustrated book that takes you from the crystal caves in Mexico to the Blood falls in Antarctica...

And more...

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