Explore the amazing country of Ghana. Discover the dark history of Cape Coast Castle. Learn how kente cloth is made, and about the worlds biggest producer of gold. We also spend time in Mole National Park learning about the shy bongo antelope before heading north for the fire festival and more.

Here are a few books that we recommend for Ghana that would work well with the 193 Little Adventures Ghana pack.

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Discover a new adventure with "A Surprising Trip to Ancient Ghana," a children's storybook perfect for ages 4 to 9. Follow three cousins as they time-travel to the Wagadou Empire, ancient Ghana. Explore the unique culture and way of life, introducing kids to the history of ancient West Africa and African (Black) history through an entertaining tale.

Embark on a cultural journey with this African children's book collection, perfect for those curious about Ghana's natural beauty. The Factfile shares details about Ghana, from size to landmarks. Meet characters Kobe, Adwoa, and Kwame, exploring landscapes, school life, and traditions. The book ends with inspiring role models like Edward Enniful, leaving readers dreaming about their future aspirations.

In "Ghana: A Place I Call Home," Samuel and his grandpa delve into the power of Sankofa, meaning "go back and fetch it." Written by Monica Habia, an award-winning Ghanaian author, the story unfolds as Samuel discovers his cultural history, heritage, and roots. It's an inspiring journey of self-discovery and learning key lessons about Ghana's rich history and culture.

Join Ama on an adventure through Ghana in "Ama in Ghana." Invited by her auntie, Ama discovers her country's history and rich culture. The book encourages children to embrace curiosity, be proud of their roots, and explore with an open heart. Ayo Sanusi's lively illustrations and Eunice Kyereme's playful text celebrate the joy of exploration and the diversity of culture.

Ana and Andrew are off to Ghana with Papa! Excited to explore Ghanaian culture, they especially enjoy the food. During their visit, they pay respects to their ancestors at Cape Coast Castle, discovering the origins of the slave trade. It's a journey of learning and cultural exploration for Ana and Andrew.

Determined Fatima strives to be a big girl by helping Grandma with her to-do list, aiming to save the day. However, her well-intentioned errands take unexpected turns. Oh, Fatima, what have you done? It's a tale of adventure and mishaps as Fatima learns and grows.

Journey to the Asante Kingdom of 1807 with Kwame, Kwaku, and Baako in this richly illustrated tale. They aspire to be leaders, exploring Akan culture through farming, spear throwing, ceremonies, and dances. As they visit the capital city, encounter crafts, livestock, and witness the complexities of their kingdom, the boys navigate challenges, including the threat of slavery. Amid rebellion and changes, they balance tradition with new possibilities.

Wrapped in Nana Afia's kente cloth, "Amavi's Magical Kente" unveils Africa's tales through the eyes of Amavi, chosen by the cloth's ancient power. Join her in exploring empires, libraries, markets, and battlements, guided by Kwame Nana Yeboah's storytelling. This tapestry of history weaves African heritage, revealing the enduring spirit of a people. An inspiring journey for young dreamers and budding historians, it shows history as a story we continue to write every day.

The global thread of segregation targeted people of color, requiring immense courage to resist racial injustice. Learn about influential Black leaders like Kofi Annan, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Barack Obama, and the founders of Black Lives Matter—Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors—who dedicated their lives to demanding equality for all people of color.

Mancala, a traditional African game, involves strategy and skill. Played on a board with small pits or hollows, players sow and capture seeds, aiming to accumulate more than their opponent. This ancient game not only entertains but also reflects the rich cultural heritage and social dynamics of Africa.

Easy to use loom. Make your own kente weaving.

In the 193 Little Adventures Ghana pack we learn about kente weaving.

Bookshelf Must-Haves

These are great addition to the bookshelf
no matter where in the world you are currently studying

This photographer and writer team travel the world meeting kids and learning about their festivals and celebrations. 

Meet children from all over the world, learn about their everyday lives from rural farms to inner cities. 

A fun world atlas with lots of illustrations and snippets of information that kids just have to keep dipping into.

A beautifully illustrated book that takes you from the crystal caves in Mexico to the Blood falls in Antarctica...

And more...

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