From the ancient city of Agra to the mangroves forests where the majestic Bengal tigers can be found, India is a fascinating country full of stunning buildings, mouth water food and a myriad of history and culture to explore.  

Here are a few books that we recommend for India that would work well with the 193 Little Adventures INDIA pack.

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Tiny Travelers India Treasure Quest

Discover the vibrant culture and kaleidoscope of colors that make India a wonderland. Explore the enchanting Taj Mahal, experience the thrill of Bollywood dancing, immerse yourself in the joyous celebration of the Holi festival, and marvel at the majestic Himalayan mountains.

Where Three Oceans Meet

Join Sejal, her mother, and grandmother (Pati) as they embark on a journey to the southernmost point of India. Along the way, they share delicious meals, explore vibrant markets, and reconnect with old acquaintances.

L'll Go And Come Back

Jyoti embarks on a journey halfway across the world to visit her grandmother in India. Initially, the stark differences between her homeland and this new place leave her feeling lost and isolated. However, despite the challenges of a language barrier, Jyoti and her grandmother, Sita Pati, gradually begin to connect with each other on a deeper level.

Diwali 50 Activity Book

Join Maya, Neel, and their adorable companion, Chintu the squirrel, in this interactive activity book featuring 50 exciting ways to celebrate Diwali. From engaging story time and lively dance-alongs to fun crafts, delicious recipes, challenging puzzles, word games, and colourful colouring pages. Downloadable flashcards also available, see the back of the book.

A Gift For Amma

Take a journey through the bustling streets of a southern Indian market with a young girl as your guide. Inspired by the author's hometown of Chennai, this captivating story follows the girl as she searches for the perfect gift for her Amma (mother) amidst a vibrant rainbow of sights, sounds, and scents.

Who Was Gandhi

Born in British-occupied India in 1869, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a man who devoted his life to the cause of Indian independence. Despite studying law in London and spending his early years in South Africa, Gandhi remained deeply committed to his homeland, using his voice and actions to inspire others to join him in the fight for freedom.

Anni Dreams of Biryani

Anni's home in Little India is situated across the street from a cafe that boasts the best biryani in the world. The biryani is a delightful mix of fluffy rice, fragrant spices, and succulent flavors that make Anni crave it every single day. In fact, Anni is so passionate about the dish that she is determined to uncover the secret behind the recipe.

Classic Tales from India: How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head and Other Stories

This captivating book features seven traditional stories that offer readers a glimpse into the rich and ancient culture of India. The tales, which have been selected from the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and the Puranas.

Each story is beautifully illustrated with glowing, full-colour paintings.

She Sang for India: How M.S. Subbulakshmi Used Her Voice for Change

During the early 1900s in India, it was not considered acceptable for girls to perform in public. But Subbulakshmi was determined to break down these barriers and share her musical talent with the world. She began by performing at small festivals.

As her reputation grew, she challenged convention even further by recording her first album, becoming one of the first women to do so in India.  Gandhi also requested her help in India's freedom movement, Subbulakshmi lent her powerful voice to the cause and became a symbol of hope and resistance.


Set in late 1800s India, "Kim" follows the story of a young English orphan boy who finds himself embroiled in two very different quests. The first is an adventure with an old lama who is searching for a sacred river. The second involves Kim's involvement with a British spy ring, where he becomes a key player in the "Great Game" of espionage and political maneuvering.

A classic adventure story from Rudyard Kipling.

Strong As Fire, Fierce As Flame

Set in 1857 India, the story follows the journey of Meera, a 12-year-old girl who flees her fate of being burned on her husband's funeral pyre and instead becomes a servant to a British general working for the East India Company. However, when a rebellion against British colonizers begins to gain momentum, Meera is faced with a difficult decision: remain in the relative safety of her British household or stand up for herself and her people.

The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters

For the adults!

The British-born Punjabi Shergill sisters--Rajni, Jezmeen, and Shirina--were never close and barely got along growing up, and now as adults, have grown even further apart.

On her deathbed, their mother voices one last wish: that her daughters will make a pilgrimage together to the Golden Temple in Amritsar to carry out her final rites.

As the story unfold, secrets are revealed and a new respect and friendship is discovered.

In the 193 Little Adventures India Pack we learn about the Kathakali perfomence, here is short video showing the performers getting ready and then performing. pay attention to their facial expressions.

Bookshelf Must-Haves

These are great addition to the bookshelf
no matter where in the world you are currently studying

This photographer and writer team travel the world meeting kids and learning about their festivals and celebrations. 

Meet children from all over the world, learn about their everyday lives from rural farms to inner cities. 

A fun world atlas with lots of illustrations and snippets of information that kids just have to keep dipping into.

A beautifully illustrated book that takes you from the crystal caves in Mexico to the Blood falls in Antarctica...

And more...

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