Discover stunning Ireland. Learn about the historic Book of Kells, kiss the Blarney stone and find out how this magical stone came to be. Then join in the oldest running festival in Ireland before learning about the fascinating hidden messages woven into sweaters!
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Here are a few books that we recommend for Ireland that would work well with the 193 Little Adventures Ireland pack.

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In this book, you'll discover six timeless Irish legends. These stories feature a king with donkey's ears, teach us about the value of riches through a brown bull, and even explain how a giant shaped Antrim's coast. The tales are full of treachery, bravery, and honour. Vibrant illustrations make them come alive, and there's a guide to help you pronounce those unique Irish names like Ailill and Daire Mac Fiachra. 

These timeless stories, passed through generations, continue to captivate. In this diverse collection, Una Leavy retells ten beloved Irish tales, including leprechaun trickery in "The Post of Gold" and the poignant saga of Oisin in Tír na n-Óg. From "The Children of Lir," dating back 2000 years, these stories promise enduring treasure. Susan Field's art, inspired by Celtic heritage, beautifully captures their tradition, humour, and magic.

On St. Patrick's Day, embark on a leprechaun hunt! These mischievous folk pop up at the parade, in gnome gardens, pet stores, and Big Foot's forest. In 13 lively scenes, enjoy entertaining search-and-find challenges. Ideal for quiet moments like car rides and plane trips. Can you spot all the leprechauns?

Your elaborate plan is set with shamrocks, pots of gold, and rainbows. Now, the anticipation begins. Will this be the year you capture the elusive leprechaun? Begin a St. Patrick's Day tradition with this lively picture book, and let it inspire your own leprechaun-trapping adventures. Enjoy the amusing story blending STEAM ideas with lively rhymes and vibrant illustrations.

"The Leprechaun’s Dance: A Magical Journey Through Ireland" is a charming children's book featuring a cheerful leprechaun in the magical land of Ireland. He dances across the beautiful countryside, sharing tales of kings and knights, befriending animals, and enjoying nature's beauty. The story celebrates Irish kindness, lively cities, and delicious pub food, imparting the value of cherishing moments and memories that fortify us. It also honors Ireland's enduring spirit in the hearts of its people.

Step into the Emerald Isle with this delightful and educational board book. It offers young children an intimate tour of Ireland, showcasing its scenic beauty and rich history. 

The enchanting pages highlight famous landmarks like the Giant's Causeway, the Blarney Stone, and Dublin Zoo, making learning fun and engaging.

Embark on an exciting journey with "A Kid's Guide to Ireland," tailored for readers aged 8-13. This vibrant book explores Ireland's captivating history, geography, provinces, culture, and wildlife. Featuring striking full-color photos in a large format (8 ½ x 11), it offers both enjoyable reading and a valuable resource for geography research and writing assignments.

Explore the captivating aspects of Ireland – its culture, beauty, landmarks, and cuisine – in this engaging book. Designed for early readers, it combines fun and education with real-life images. Expect easy-to-understand text, awesome images, and facts covering demographics, culture, customs, attractions, climate, music, and sports. Discover all things Ireland!

"Animals of Ireland" is an ideal book for children aged 0-6 who adore animals and rhyming stories. With beautiful illustrations, it introduces Irish wildlife like otters, red deer, and puffins. Through engaging rhymes and vibrant pictures, kids explore and learn about these creatures, enhancing their vocabulary and reading skills. 

Discover an enchanting Irish folktale filled with wit, magic, and leprechauns – perfect not only for St. Patrick's Day but all year long. The tale unfolds as the Leprechaun King hoards Ireland's luck, leaving its people unlucky. Fiona, a clever girl, devises a plan to outwit him and restore fortune to the Emerald Isle.

Discover an enchanting Irish folktale filled with wit, magic, and leprechauns – perfect not only for St. Patrick's Day but all year long. The tale unfolds as the Leprechaun King hoards Ireland's luck, leaving its people unlucky. Fiona, a clever girl, devises a plan to outwit him and restore fortune to the Emerald Isle.

This is Ireland, originally published in 1964, vividly captures the essence of the Emerald Isle. From shamrocks to leprechauns guarding gold, it paints a charming picture. Explore Dublin's bustling streets, Trinity College's spires, Clonmacnois' regal tombs, and the eloquent Blarney Stone. This friendly, enchanting land boasts lakes and coastal mountains.

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This photographer and writer team travel the world meeting kids and learning about their festivals and celebrations. 

Meet children from all over the world, learn about their everyday lives from rural farms to inner cities. 

A fun world atlas with lots of illustrations and snippets of information that kids just have to keep dipping into.

A beautifully illustrated book that takes you from the crystal caves in Mexico to the Blood falls in Antarctica...

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