Trinidad and Tobago

Let's go on an adventure to the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. As we visit both islands, we will discover the sacred hummingbirds and illusive oil birds. Join a fun festival and cook up a local dish. Join Hana and Diego as we explore this beautiful island nation.

Here are a few children’s books that we recommend for the United Kingdom that would work well with the 193 Little Adventures Trinidad and Tobago pack.

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"Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago" is a vibrant 32-page book for young readers. It explores the country's land, history, cities, languages, and food. With controlled text, age-appropriate vocabulary, and stunning photos, this engaging book is perfect for capturing children's interest and teaching them about this amazing nation.

Meet The Amazing Animals of Trinidad and Tobago

"Meet The Amazing Animals of Trinidad and Tobago: Twin Island Adventures Children's Stories" by Martin A. Lee is a vibrant children's book that combines education on the islands' diverse ecosystems with imaginative tales. Featuring characters like Archie the armadillo and Carlos the capybara, it addresses environmental issues and promotes kindness, inclusivity, and respect, making it perfect for young readers.


"Juanita" is a bilingual children's book in English and Spanish that explores Trinidadian culture, diversity, and the migrant experience. Targeted at readers aged 7-12, it follows Juana, a Venezuelan migrant, and her friends. The book includes vocabulary lists, comprehension questions, and reflection exercises to improve language skills. Ideal for both recreational and educational settings, it promotes bilingual learning in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago (Cultures of the World)

"Trinidad and Tobago are two tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea, off Venezuela's coast. This book explores the nation's vibrant culture, including its history, geography, lifestyle, language, festivals, and food. With informative sidebars, maps, a glossary, and full-color photos, readers gain valuable knowledge about the customs of this unique nation, enhancing their social studies curriculum."

Lily wishes to wear a costume like her sister Christine and join the Children's Carnival. The family works on Christine's hummingbird outfit, and Lily feels jealous. On Carnival day, Christine is scared of the stage, but Lily reassures her. Christine joins the parade and later lets Lily wear her headdress. The story's illustrations express family warmth but would be good paired with a Carnival book.

This book follows Sarah the Scarlet Ibis in the mystical Caroni Swamp, the largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago. Facing a pollution threat from nearby settlements, Sarah must use her dazzling scarlet feathers and indomitable spirit to save her home. This story highlights determination, education, persistence, and environmental conservation as Sarah and her friends fight to protect their habitat.

This book introduces botany, the study of plants, in fun and interesting ways for children aged 9 to 12. It explains how plants use sunlight to make food and grow, and how they survive in diverse habitats like deserts and oceans. The book highlights everyday uses of plants in food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. With activities to inspire curiosity, it explores Trinidad and Tobago's diverse plant life.

The Carnival Prince by Daniel J. O'Brien takes young readers on a magical adventure during Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival season. The stubby antlered boy befriends animals and mythical creatures to save Carnival. The book features vibrant illustrations, authentic island dialect, and a glossary for deeper cultural engagement. O'Brien, a Trinidadian-born author, brings authentic Caribbean culture to life through his whimsical storytelling.

About Hummingbirds by Cathryn Sill, an award-winning book, offers a simple and engaging introduction to hummingbirds. With easy-to-understand language, it explains what hummingbirds are, how they look, move, eat, and where they live. John Sill's realistic paintings showcase various hummingbird species. An afterword encourages further learning, making it ideal for young children studying science and animals.

A updated comprehensive field guide "Birds of Trinidad and Tobago" by Richard ffrench is a must-have for birders and ornithologists. Covering all 477 species found on the islands. With detailed species accounts, habitat descriptions, and illustrations by top bird artists, it's up-to-date and user-friendly. An introduction by ffrench offers insights into ornithology history, island geography, and conservation efforts, making it more than just a field guide.

Ramin Ganeshram’s "Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad & Tobago" offers a delectable journey into the vibrant culinary heritage of the islands. Featuring a fusion of African, Indian, Chinese, Syrian, and British influences, this edition boasts colorful photos, over a dozen new recipes, and cultural insights. From classics like Doubles to exotic delights like Mango Curry, it's a tantalizing exploration of Trinidadian cuisine.

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This photographer and writer team travel the world meeting kids and learning about their festivals and celebrations. 

Meet children from all over the world, learn about their everyday lives from rural farms to inner cities. 

A fun world atlas with lots of illustrations and snippets of information that kids just have to keep dipping into.

A beautifully illustrated book that takes you from the crystal caves in Mexico to the Blood falls in Antarctica...

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