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On the first of the month a brand new EXCLUSIVE 193 Little Adventures PDF Pack will land in your email inbox.
Each pack focuses on ONE country and includes:

Information pages about the country
Maps and flag activities
A beautiful set of 3 part cards
Significant dates and festivals
A section on culture with suitable activities
Plus other country specific ideas, activities and fun things to try!
Surprise bonuses delivered throughout the month, to your inbox
Activities are Montessori inspired and include math, language, practical life and sensory activities based on the theme of the country you are visiting

Each pack is designed to encourage children to learn more about the country, using fun activities based around festivals, food, history, culture and more.

Exclusive Access

Club members get the 193 Little Adventures Pack before they are released to the general public. 

Club members receive the pack and special bonuses (bonuses are only for club members)

When the packs go on sale as stand alone products they are $15 each.

Family Friendly

Kids of mixed ages and abilities but you want to do unit style learning? 

These packs are created with that in mind. 

The activities are aimed at kids aged 5-9 years old and created so that different abilities can learn together or side by side.

Time Saving

Creating quality teaching resources takes hours of work. Hours of searching the internet, looking for the perfect photos that are legal to use, coming up with fun and engaging ideas and activities. Then making them into printables.

Hours that you don't need to put in because we did the hard work for you!

Hi, I'm Jo Ebisujima, a best selling Montessori author and multi-passionate entrepreneur.

I'm a Brit but have lived abroad for almost all my adult life, raising bilingual son, the Montessori way, whilst living with my husband in the countryside in Japan. We used “Follow The Child” in every aspect of our parenting journey.

As a child I had two lofty ambitions, the first to read every book in the world and the second to visit every country. The book goal is posing to be a bit of a problem (child self didn't think this one through) but I am making a dent in the world travel!

I created 193 Little Adventure Packs because I truly believe that if children learn about different cultures and ways of living from an early age, there would be less hatred and more compassion and understanding in the world. ❤️


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